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When you think of vintage, your mindenvisions old school and traditional methods of approaching and establishing many events. Just like weddings, you think of the classic, all white, three-story wedding cake that is deemed the staple of vintage cakes for years. Splendid Servings embrace both contemporary designs, as well as vintage and retro cake designs and have established their reputation in the wedding cake manufacturing industry with extensive experience and a plethora of successful events. We confidently state that we the best wedding cakes Melbourne and have been doing so for an extensive amount of years.

Texture, appeal and jam-packed flavour are the pivotal markers we utilise to determine how good a wedding cake really is. Our second to none vintage wedding cakes Melbourne portray elegance without the unnecessary accessories yet offer that “WOW” factor; that is our ultimate goal. Here at Splendid Servings we have perfected our craft and have a leading team of pastry chefs and cake design specialists to ensure you are in the best hands. Elegance is synonymous to the cakes we build, such as our range of vintage wedding cakes Melbourne and many more. We take pride in our wedding cakes Melbourne and continuously evolve our cakes with features, textures and special touches for your appreciation.

When you hear or are exposed to the phrases “vintage wedding cakes Melbourne” or even “best wedding cakes Melbourne” you know which company should automatically come to mind. Splendid Servings. If you are still seeking for the best wedding cakes in Melbourne, you are in the right place. Browse our online social media accounts and indulge in our immaculate range of vintage wedding cakes Melbourne. For any additional information, feel free to contact us directly and liaise with a friendly member of staff. Amazing vintage wedding cakes Melbourne, for amazing clients!


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