kids birthday cakes Melbourne

It’s an exciting to for kids when it’s their birthday, obviously for the presents the friends and the good times, but most importantly their cake. Having a great cake for your child is paramount to their overall appreciation of the event. That is why our team here at Splendid Servings takes pride in administering the most appealing and premium kids birthday cakes Melbourne that will excite and make your child feel extra special when it is revealed to them.

Situated in Richmond, Splendid Servings have extensive experience in providing clients with kids cakes in Melbourne for years. We take all your information and work with you to ensure that the outcome is amazing, and your child will adore it.


We aim to provide clients with high quality and intricate kids cakes Melbourne and continuously upgrade our techniques, methodologies and designs to suit both cake design standards, client standards and new advancements in styles and shapes. Our design team work effortlessly with you to get that final detail nailed perfectly! We endeavour to keep client satisfaction at the highest level possible by providing clients with the service they deserve. With an array of flavours, that include and are not limited to, red velvet, banana pecan and even cherry ripe you know that we have put the extra mile in our kids birthday cakes in Melbourne. Our wide variety of flavours and designs is what sets us apart from competition here at Splendid Servings and we constantly aim to better our services each and every day.

If you are seeking kids birthday cakes in Melbourne or any kids cakes in Melbourne for a specific occasion, look no further than Splendid Servings. Our tailor made kids birthday cakes will ensure that the outcome will be amazing. For more information on our kids cakes in Melbourne, contact us directly or alternatively browse our social media accounts to obtain a feel of what our standards for kids cakes Melbourne are like.


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