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Wedding Cakes Malvern

Make the sweetest part of your wedding the best part with the help of Splendid Servings and our wide range of wedding cakes in Malvern. Indulge in excellence and experience your big day like never before with the perfect wedding cake that will not be easy to forget. Here at Splendid Servings we are the leading company in Melbourne that administer contemporary wedding cakes in Malvern that are geared for success, ooze flavour and are aesthetically astonishing. We take pride in our leading and sky-high client satisfaction and we welcome you to give our wedding cakes in Malvern a try.

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Our leading team is comprised of pastry chefs, cake designers and a plethora of trained and dedicated staff members. We have extensive experience in the industry and have been baking cakes for many years. From a wide range of flavours to choose from that include and are not limited to red velvet, citrus, cherry ripe and even banana pecan we go above and beyond to ensure that your wedding cake stands out from the rest. Exceptional wedding cakes in Malvern is synonymous to what we represent here at Splendid Servings and we urge you to try out our leading cake manufacturing procedures yourself.

Appreciate the delicate yet immaculate designs we have to offer you and dive into our range of wedding cakes in Malvern. We tailor make all our cakes to add that touch of personalisation. Your cake will stand out from the crowd. With reliable staff that are willing to evolve their knowledge and constantly grow is what provides us the flexibility to expand and further our reputation for our brilliant wedding cakes in Malvern. Contact Splendid Servings today if you are interested in weddings cakes in Malvern or anywhere in Melbourne. Alternatively, feel free to browse our social media accounts to discover the Splendid Servings difference for yourself.

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If you would like to make an enquiry or book a time for a consultation, fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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0412 594 474

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80 Stephenson street Cremorne VIC 3121

Appointments are held on
Monday evenings from 5pm onwards

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