Splendid Servings Cake Design - Price of Wedding Cakes

Price of Wedding Cakes

The price of wedding cakes depends on a lot of requirements including the size, the design, and the number of tiers you require among others. At Splendid Servings, all our cakes are customised and made to order. They reflect your personal taste, your personalities and your wedding theme.

However, we want to make sure you get a cake that fits your budget. So let us know your requirements and budget, and we will create a one of a kind cake for you.

Choosing Tiers

One of the easiest ways to determine the price of wedding cakes is by way of the tiers. The more the number of guests, the larger the cake you need so you can feed everyone. The number of tiers your wedding cake requires entirely depends on the number of guest you expect. We can also offer faux tiers if you would like to add height to your cake without adding to your cost.

Designs, Fondants and More

The more complex the design of your wedding cake, the higher the price. Fondant icing is pricier than buttercream Features like moulded shapes, handmade flower detailing, vibrant colours take more of the designer’s labour and time, and will add to the price of your wedding cake.

The design of your cake plays a great role in the price you pay. So the price of a metal effects cake would be more than a naked cake. So choose a design that you can afford, and you can get a cake that fits your budget.

Handy Tip

A great way to cut your cost on cake is to order a cake for exactly 50% of your guests and offer half servings. So for instance, if you are expecting to serve 200 guests, order a cake for 100 servings.

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