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Wedding Cakes in Melbourne

Splendid Servings Cake Design specializes in crafting the finest selection of wedding cakes known for its precision and flair. Jo Randone is a leading designer with outstanding skills in creating the most gorgeous and delectable wedding cakes. Crafted to perfection, each cake is unique and designed to perfectly suit your wedding theme. If you are looking for creative wedding cake designs, book a consultation with us to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to create the most incredible cake for your wedding.

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Luxurious Wedding Cakes in Melbourne

Your wedding is the most important event of your life and at Splendid Servings Cake Design we are experts in creating bespoke wedding cakes. Our artistic flair and attention to detail is second to none and at our cake store we are always exploring new ideas to come up with the cake of your dreams. Whether you are looking for exquisite tiered cakes or a sophisticated one with fine detailing, we have your needs covered. The cakes we design are a reflection of the unique style of our clients and you can be sure of its fantastic flavour and quality.

We believe that a wedding cake is the focal point of your special celebration and take into consideration every detail to match your vision. With a customer-centric approach, we have succeeded in creating the most fabulous cakes for our clients that serve as a centrepiece. We will discuss the theme of your wedding and your preferences in detail to ensure that the cake perfectly coordinates with the overall décor. Be it the theme or colour scheme, your wedding cake will make a spectacular addition to your celebration.

Beautifully Designed Wedding Cakes

The cakes we create are prepared from the freshest ingredients and skilfully decorated with the best sugar craft. We take great care to ensure that the cake is as delicious as it is gorgeous and is everything you ever dreamed of. There are amazing flavours to choose from and we will always assist you at every step to ensure that you get the desired results. Whether you already have an idea in mind or looking for unique cake ideas, we have your needs covered. We encourage you to speak to us to share your requirements and we will be happy to design an edible masterpiece.

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wedding cake prices
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The Best Wedding Cake in Melbourne

Crafting cakes is an art and at Splendid Servings Cake Design, we are brimming with ideas. With bespoke one-of-a-kind cakes, our cake store in Melbourne has built an enviable reputation for visually stunning and incredibly delicious cakes. We firmly believe that no two celebrations are the same and will personalize your cake with dazzling intricate designs. 

Want to know our wedding cake prices? Book a consultation with us today and we will make the process of choosing the right wedding cake a fun experience for you. Get in touch with us today!

Are you searching for bespoke wedding cakes to order in Melbourne that tastes heavenly and looks fabulous, then Splendid Servings Cake Design is the place for you. You must have many questions about ordering wedding cakes, so we have listed the most frequently asked questions to help you. Do you have other questions apart from these? Just call us at 0412 594 474 or email us; we are here to help you!

It is best to book your wedding cake much in advance, we generally recommend a notice time between 6-12 months.
However, for smaller orders, we would require a minimum of 4 weeks notice.
We request you to note that during the peak season – October to March, we tend to be booked out well in advance and if your event is during this time, we recommend that you book as soon as possible.
Splendid Servings is a professional cake designer, and we wish to work with you to craft unique wedding cakes. We offer a consultation before ordering, so your ideas for the cake can be discussed before we quote.  We request you to Book a time for a consultation or enquire today to know more about our cakes. We will provide you with a quote and answer any of your questions via email.

If you are satisfied with our quote, you’ll need to make a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. The final payment will be due one week before your event.

Yes, we do. We design bespoke wedding cakes in Melbourne expertly crafted by Jo Randone. We intend to create uniquely designed cakes for your event, and offer consultation to discuss the details of it with you. Be assured that your ideas will reflect on the cake design. All appointments are held on Monday evenings from 5.00 pm onwards. You can book a consultation through our contact page.
No two cakes are the same. All our wedding cakes are custom-designed and tailor-made to our client requirements. They are quoted individually based on the design complexity, size of the cake, delivery and setup location. However, we understand that planning a wedding in Melbourne, you’ll need to consider the budget and offer a general pricing guide to help you.
Yes, we offer delivery of your wedding cake in Melbourne. We understand you’ll be tending to more important things on the day. We calculate the delivery fee based on the distance from our studio. The delivery fee will be included in your quote.
Yes, absolutely! We don’t recommend picking up anything larger than a two-tier cake, but smaller cakes can be picked up from our private studio. Please understand all responsibility for the cake is transferred to the customer upon pickup.
Our exquisite cakes look fabulous and also taste equally good. We understand that you’ll need to taste the flavours before you order the wedding cake. We offer tasting boxes that contain all our delicious flavours, and you can pick them up after you consult with us, or we could have them door-delivered to you via express post.
You can also order our sample cake boxes before you order for your event cake. Use the contact page to place your orders.
Yes, we like to accommodate dietary requirements and offer a range of gluten-free alternatives for a Melbourne wedding cake. Besides, we offer your event cupcakes that cater to your guest’s particular dietary needs like vegan or dairy intolerance.
Yes, absolutely! You can pick as many flavours as you have tiers – so 2 flavours for a 2 tier cake, 3 flavours for a 3 tier cake and so on. There is no additional cost to have multiple flavours. However, single tier cakes will have only one flavour!


Ordering a wedding cake requires contacting a cake shop like Splendid Servings. They will ask you about your wedding date, how many guests you expect, and if you have any special requests.
Multi-tiered cakes with different flavours on each tier are famous for couples who are indecisive about what to order. The exquisite range of wedding cake designs from Splendid Servings will make your wedding day more memorable.
Make sure you plan and have enough time to bake a test cake and take detailed notes. Choose a recipe specifically designed for wedding cakes, so the cake is sturdy enough and produces enough batter and icing.
There is a choice of silk or fresh flowers, which are seasonal and available in local stores. As we proceed up the pricing tier, we have added $0.50 to each slice of an entry-level two-tiered fruit or mud cake frosted in vanilla buttercream for $5.50 per finger-size slice. The wedding cake prices at Splendid Servings are very reasonable.
Practising piping or icing is an excellent way to plan your cake’s decoration. If you are well prepared, you can obtain a wedding topping, flowers, or other decorations.

You won’t have any trouble if you make extra frosting and practice on sample cakes (or silicone mats). But, of course, there is nothing better than a wedding cake designed by Splendid Servings.