21st Birthday Cakes

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Your 21st birthday is a landmark event in your life that you want to celebrate with all the pomp and splendour the occasion deserves. It is a significant day. After all, you’ve become an adult with your own dreams, ambitions and a new life ahead of you.

You are no longer dependent on your parents and can legally partake in several adult activities. This new freedom is best expressed by throwing an extravagant party for your friends and family. And to make the occasion extra special, you would definitely want a special birthday cake that expresses your unique personality and new-found freedom.

Selecting the Right Cake

When you want a unique birthday cake in Melbourne for your very special day, visit our designer cake store. At Splendid Servings, we understand the significance of this special day in your life and the sentiments attached to it.

Our cake designer can give shape to your vision and make your cake extra special with some truly delectable and unusual flavours and decorations. So go ahead and party as wild as you want with our wide range of unusual birthday cakes.

21st Birthday Cakes by Splendid Servings Cake Design Melbourne

A Three-Tiered Cake

This is a truly extravagant cake just appropriate for this occasion. It is a rich and opulent dark chocolate mud cake that is layered with decadent chocolate ganache. You can also opt for white chocolate mud cake and have it decorated in contrasting wild colours to reflect your free spirit.21st Birthday Cakes by Splendid Servings Cake Design Melbourne

A Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours and combined with raspberries, this makes for a truly delectable cake to celebrate the occasion. Here too, you can opt for either a white or dark chocolate mud cake that has raspberry ganache along with fresh raspberries. Vanilla is also a good flavour that perfectly complements the taste of raspberries.

Strawberry Shortcake

If you love timeless tradition, a strawberry shortcake is just what you want as you turn 21. This lovely cake is made of strawberry mud cake that is swirled with vanilla mud cake. It is layered with white chocolate ganache or even coloured pink.

The cake can be further decorated with edible strings of pearls, sunglasses, lipstick and so on to reflect your new personality.

The Red Velvet Cake

Red is an extravagant colour that represents youth, liveliness and your wild and bold spirit. Cutting a red velvet cake can be the perfect way to celebrate this special day in your life. With its distinct flavour and filled with yummy cream cheese frosting, this cake is sure to be a huge hit with your friends.

Fruit Cakes

Fruits and flowers are also a reflection of youth and bounty. With eye-catching decorations, the simple fruit cake can look and taste quite exotic.

Opt for a cherry flavoured cake that is made of moist and soft chocolate cake as the base. It is combined with a cherry flavour and layered with chocolate ganache. The cake is topped with shredded coconut to add a unique flavour.

You can also go for a citrus flavoured cake to add a distinct touch to your birthday celebrations. This super moist and light cake has bits of oranges, lemons and limes that goes perfectly with the sweetness of the basic sponge cake.

For unique designs and delicious flavours, contact Splendid Servings Cake Design on 0412 594 747 to order your 21st birthday cake.