A Guide to Buying Wedding Cakes

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. You want everything to be perfect and unique and offer the best to your guests. The wedding cake is an integral part of this big day and takes the centre-stage. Naturally, all eyes are on how exotic the cake looks and will taste.

With some planning, finding the right cake for your special day should not be that difficult.

A Guide to Buying Wedding Cakes by Splendid ServingsThe Wedding Cake Style

Traditionally, a multi-tiered wedding cake is the classic cake design most couples opt for. Individual tiers can have separate decorations or a uniform design. You can top it up with the bride and the groom’s names or a figurine of the couple in wedding attire.

However, if you are having a themed wedding, you can style your wedding cake with the theme in mind. In fact, there are hundreds of possibilities when you want a wedding cake that will be the talking point of your big day.

As one of the leading wedding cake designers in Melbourne, we can give shape to your dream and desire. With our award-winning designs and exotic flavours, we are here to help you choose the most unique wedding cake you have ever dreamt of.

The Size of the Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes come in different sizes. Choosing the right size depends on the number of guests on your list. If you are having a small and intimate occasion, you can do away with a very large cake. That will look very formal and unnecessary. On the other hand, a large party with lots of kids does call for a cake that’s large enough to make the ambience more grandiose.

Our wedding cake designer can help you select the right size so that all your guests have adequate portions with still some left for second helpings.

The Flavour

Classic vanilla and rich chocolate are all-time favourites. However, today’s couples are more than ready to experiment and bakers too are being more creative than ever before.

You can choose from several unusual flavours. Each flavour has its own unique taste and ingredients to ensure your cake tastes as heavenly as it looks.

If you love chocolate, the decadent and unbelievingly delicious dark chocolate mud cake is just what you want. Layered with rich chocolate ganache, this cake oozes style and indulgence through and through.

When you want both chocolate and the classic white wedding cake, opt for the white chocolate mud cake. Similar in taste to the dark chocolate variety, this cake is layered with a rich and creamy white chocolate ganache that makes it truly unique. Your guests will indeed be pleasantly surprised to find chocolate instead of vanilla inside a cake that is coloured white!

A Guide to Buying Wedding Cakes by Splendid ServingsWhen you want something more flamboyant, go for the red velvet cake! A classic turn on the popular cup cake, a huge red velvet cake filled with luscious cheese frosting is sure to make your wedding cake the talking point of the ceremony.

If colours are what you love, there is the cherry ripe cake, which is a moist chocolate cake that’s layered with a rich chocolate coating. We add shredded coconut along with sweet cherries on the top. The lovely combination of brown, white and red creates a truly impressive wedding cake.

An alternative to this is the raspberry cake that has a raspberry topping and ganache instead of sweet cherries.

If you love fruity flavours, check out the banana mud cake that is spiced with cinnamon, sprinkled with walnuts and layered with caramel ganache. A citrus flavoured wedding cake infused with bits of oranges, limes and lemons is also a good choice.

Even the ever popular strawberry shortcake is a wonderful option. Made especially for weddings, this is a combination of vanilla mud cake and strawberry flavoured mud cake. It is layered with white chocolate ganache.

Known for their meticulous attention to detail, our master bakers at our Melbourne bakery have the experience and expertise to craft the best wedding cake for you. Our award-winning wedding cake designs and flavours are guaranteed to make your wedding memorable and a talking point among guests for months to come.

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